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Have You Ever Hire Professionals to do SEO Audit for a site?

Hiring a professional SEO Expert to audit your website is the best way of letting you know the current state of your website’s SEO. Initial SEO Audit is the first approach towards improving your website in Search Engine.

My SEO Audit Service is not simply done by a tool. In fact I will personally examine your website, provide specific statistics and recommendations to improve your website in Search Engine. My audit is based on best SEO practices.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit is a process of examining and analyzing the quality measures of your website with respect to Search Engine which impacts the natural rankings of your website.

Have you ever get your car for an oil change? SEO Audit is just like that. You may be aware of the fact that the more often you take your car for oil change the better life your car can have. While doing Audit of your website, I will keep an eagle eye on the key points.

Why you really need to perform an audit for your website?

Change in Algorithm:

For providing better and accurate search results, Search Engines changes their algorithms with passage of time. You have to be aware of these changes in the algorithms, so that accordingly you can bring changes in your website’s content.

Change in Webmaster Guidelines:

Popular webmaster tools from Google and Bing are continually changing, so you need to make sure you are submissive and follow them.

Errors on Website:

It is necessary for you to check that your website does not consist of any broken links or error messages. Performing the audit on your website will render the errors, which will allow you to redirect the links and gain the lost traffic.

Titles and Meta Data:

When your website shows up in the search results, the first thing that is viewed by your visitors is the title and Meta description of your website. So, it is significant that they must be relevant to the content of your website.

Outdated Content:

Your website may have some outdated content. It is important that you provide your visitors and search engines with fresh and updated content so that they can revisit your website. If your visitors are not revisiting you then it is the time that you either re-evaluate your content or get rid of the old content and, get some new and improved content on your website.

See Improvements in 60 Days!

  • Identify important keywords
  • Get technical SEO recommendations list
  • Get to know how to improve the content of your website for targeted keywords
  • Get valuable SEO insights about how to rank higher with competitive keywords
  • Get hands on our SEO Dashboard and our training guides about SEO

My website SEO audit service is the initial step to make your website do a better performance for you. I will help you understand the intent of your audience and the ranking of your desired keywords in search engine results. Along with it I will help you get more traffic and a better conversion rate from the relevant search results.
During the process of SEO audit, I will regularly evaluate your website for specific and best SEO practices and, individual key opportunities to increase rankings and compel traffic from search. I will not only concentrate on keywords and content optimization strategies, but will also go through your website to find any technical issues that may be inhibiting search engines from completely indexing your website on the search engines and to understand what you are offering.

I will crawl down your website and will check every URL on your website so that I can gather the data which I can examine to check the technical limitations that are impacting SEO on yoru website. This includes areas such as:

  • Crawl Optimization – XML Sitemaps, robots.txt, crawl errors such as 404s, and more.
  • Accessibility – Does search engines get everything?
  • Duplicate Content – Plagiarized content, URL canonicalization problems, indexation and more.
  • Semantic Markup – Learn how you can be attractive wealthy snippets or superior attaching structured markup like
  • Analytics – Good SEO requires good verdict for which you will be requiring good data. I’ll go through your Google Analytics accomplishment for any obtrusive issues.
  • Keyword Research – I’ll inspect your approach for targeting the right keywords to enhance the conversions and competent visits from your visitors.
  • Content Strategy – I’ll make a content strategy that focuses on a content that is search engine-friendly content; will optimize the landing pages for higher conversions, and efficient link bait.
  • Architecture – Using my expertise in conversion rate optimization, keyword targeting, analytics, and UX, I’ll review your internal link structure, navigation, and information architecture. I’ll show you how to look after high-priority SEO pages by enhancing flow of link juice and eyeballs of visitors.
  • Link Profile Analysis – I will analyze your website’s current link profile and will recommend you on how to get more links.
  • Social Media Audit – I’ll review how your website is utilizing social media and how we can improve these practices for better results.
  • Competitive Analysis – What if you have a copy of the strategies that your competitors are using for better rankings and all their weaknesses are highlighted? You will surely benefit from it and will try better strategies, so that is the value of the competitive analysis that I will deliver you.

How Does an SEO Audit Work?

I will analyze your website against a specific set of SEO best practices and will then score them using an easy-to-understand scoring system. I will later on provide you with approaching and actionable suggestions to improve these results that can be great examples for future SEO strategies.

As subtract of our site review, you will obtain an inclusive SEO Audit Report which provides the state of SEO on your website and will help you know the best chances for rankings, traffic and where lead generation advancement lies. Along with it, I will load your keywords and website content in our proprietary SEO software platform which will help you in generating ongoing reports, scoring, and analysis that you can easily access during SEO audit process.

Typical Audit Results

Typically after the audit I see some great results. There is no doubt SEO takes time, but clients almost always see a boost in rankings once things like suggested page titles are executed. Here is an example of a website that has a boost in rankings after implementing Audit recommendations.