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Things you don’t know! 97 out of 100 potential customers use internet to search for their required product or service. 80% – 85% searchers use their mobile phones when they are looking for local businesses or products.

Now the question is! How you planned to tap into this opportunity and get found by these potential customers?

Got confused?

The only answer to this question is “Local search and Map optimization”.

How local search optimization can help your business grow?

Getting your website optimized for local search and map results is way to allow customers to find your business from your neighborhood.

  1. It can help your business website improve its local search rankings.
  2. It can help your website found by customers in Google maps
  3. it can help potential customers to find your product service when they use “near me” in their search queries.
  4. Business website optimized for local search engine, receive more traffic as compared to international businesses.

With years of efforts and regular updates, Google now made his search engine more user friendly. It has now realized that searchers of a specific product or services prefers nearby business.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO boosts your online presence in a certain area and helps you get customers from the local market. It not only improves the visibility of the business on search engine and makes space in higher search results, but also give more recognition to your small business among local customers.

Why Local?

The usage of queries ending with “near me” or “close by” have increased by 900% since the usage of smart devices have raised.

In today’s age, where people use smart phones and other smart devices to search for their required product or service while sitting on a couch. So the only predominant platform between you and your local customers is search engine. If your website’s local presence has been managed by an experience consultant or an agency, then it can be found easily by your potential customer.

How I optimize website for better search visibility

A short intro…

Website Audit
It involves the complete inspection of the website and analysis of the hierarchy. It helps me identify the drawbacks and plus points of the existing website. After that, I decide whether you need an entirely new website or just minor changes can take us to the right track.
Keyword Research
Keywords are as important for the SEO as the water for the fish. I use different SEO tools to find out the best keyword for your business and of course, my experience helps me a lot to decide a potential keyword with higher probability of traffic drive.
Google Business/Map Submission
To enlist your business on local directories, you need to create a Google My Business Page where you need to provide necessary information about the business. Being an experienced SEO expert, I know how to add information efficiently to display it perfectly.
Nap Optimization
Name, Address, and Phone Number are required for local business page so customers can find your business. However, it requires some expertise and tactics so whenever someone in your area search for a similar business, your business profile shows up at the top. For example, the information must be same on each directory and search engine won’t recognize it in otherwise.
Local Content Creation and Optimization
Content is king in SEO, but you unleash its benefits only when it’s well optimized. I optimize content for local community and details as per their needs such as local keyword, business timings, images, etc.
Citation Building
To give recognition to your business at local level, citation building is very important. I introduce it at different local forums, online communities, and mention it at multiple local sites to get genuine reviews.
Monthly Audit
Which strategy is working well and which requires modification is being discussed in the monthly audit. It’s important to keep track of the performance and optimize it over the time.
Monthly Reporting
I love to report my customers and show them results I generated via my smart strategies. Keyword ranking, leads, revenue, new customers, and a comparison of performance are being discussed in the report with facts and figures.

Local SEO FAQs:

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

SEO aims to introduce your business globally and highly recommended for multinational companies. On the other hand, small business operating in a certain area should go for local SEO that lets them influence the local market and get local customers.

What type of businesses can use local SEO services?

Small business, local companies, restaurants, boutiques, salons, and schools can make a big difference by using local SEO services.

How does local SEO work?

Google local search engine algorithms rank those websites higher which are optimized locally. It also appears on the top search results when being searched on mobiles. In this way, you get more traffic and eventually more customers.

How much does the service will cost me?

If you need good results, then you need to shell out money for it. However, I value my customers and always charge reasonable amount that justify my services and make the deal best for both parties.

Can I guarantee No.1 spot on Google search engine?

Yes. But keep one thing in mind that SEO isn’t a one-day game rather it works gradually and needs time to generate results. Your business nature and quality of services you are offering are also very important in determining your position on search engine.

Do I follow latest Google Updates?

Yes, of course. I always keep an eye on the Google update and anticipate new update. As I always follow white hat SEO, so there is no fear of getting lower ranking after the update.