A Freelance Marketing Consultant, SEO Strategist & Web Developer.

Based in Pakistan, working internationally across Australia (mainly Brisbane & Sydney), London and United Arab Emirates.

Providing Freelance Marketing Consultancy, SEO & Web Development services since 2009 to businesses all across the globe, ensuring their success in the digital race. All my services are tailored to the client demands, business needs & goals.


Let’s fing what’s stoping your website from getting in rank

    Success of your online business is much more than just SEO! Backed with years of experience and sound mind to understand your business I can put your business on a road map to success.


    SEO isn’t what it used to be! With the Google Zoo & all other major algorithm updates, SEO has changed a lot. What was used to work in past doesn’t work today. It needs data analysis and a foolproof strategy based on data gathered from the analysis to stand out the competition.

    I have spent nearly a decade working with global clients and helped them rank and improve the user experience of their business websites with my diverse skills set which includes Internet Marketing, Website Design & Website Development. While working with global businesses I have equipped my self with a diverse skill set and gathered unparalleled data and knowledge for a range of industries and business types, what works and what doesn’t.

    I can tell your story in a way and on the right place where your current and prospective customers can find it engaging.

    Affordable Marketing and Web Development Services

    When it comes to the business goals, working methodology or the environment! Your business is different from other’s. That’s why I carry a range of marketing and development solutions arsenal. Is is the first page ranking you seek? With over 12 years of experience I can help you achieve first page ranking and help your website attract the right visitors to your website. Perhaps you a looking for a website or need to revamp an existing one or may be you want to fix one? You have landed to the right website. Or looking for something else related to digital marketing or website design & development? Well, I love to work alone but in you need something else other than SEO or website fixed then you can hire my team.

    internet marketing services

    Internet Marketing Services

    Create awareness of your company among your potential customers which will lead to increased traffic on your website. We understand the market needs and can help you strategize and implement best internet marketing services.

    SEO Consultancy Services

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO can help you stay on the first page of search engines against your desired keywords, which helps you business generate more natural/organic traffic and leads. All my strategies for organic search are tailored as per your business needs.

    local seo services

    Local Search Engine Optimization

    A Branch of SEO used to optimise a business website in Local 3 packs and map results against local search queries. With more than 10 years of experience, I have a skill set to help you promote your business, products or services for local search terms in map results.

    online reputation management services

    Online Reputation Management

    Are there negative reviews and feed backs in search results against your company’s or your name? Your and your company’s online reputation determines the success rate of your business, hence it can’t be left ignorant. I can help you clean your online presence.

    Tailored Strategies For All Businesses

    Every business has different goals, mission and vision, strategies, operations, culture and values – therefore they need to be dealt accordingly. To cater for this, I carry a wide range of marketing, branding and business development solutions arsenal tailored to your business needs.

    Do you want to be on the First Page of Google or any SERP?

    With over 12 years of experience, I can help you achive the first page ranking of your business and boost your website to attract the right visitors.

    Are you a looking for a new website or looking to revamp an existing one? Too many errors on your website? Or maybe even after years of having a website, it’s still not ranking!

    You have landed at the right place for solution to your digital needs. Although my core strength lays in SEO, I also have my expertise and strong command in web development.

    I am able to fix any issues in a website and/or develop a website for you on a platform of your choice, whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, Magento or any other custom solution.

    Are you in search for more?

    My team caters for everything across the digital spectrum. Looking for something? If it’s digital, we do it – whether it’s app development, website development or Digital branding. When it comes to SEO & website, I’m here, available for your business.